Work smart, not hard

Do you often spend too much time structuring your work, retrieving it and creating finished results from it? We help you organise your work and knowledge to productively achieve your goals and deliver results.

PARA, the lighthouse method for your data

Are you looking for a reliable organisation system for your research, your documents and work deliverables? With the PARA method you get a personal data management that supports and improves your work and tells you exactly how to process information, how to file it and where to find it when you need it.


Learn how to create great results in an action-oriented way while meeting your deadlines.


Learn your roles and responsibilities and how to fulfill them in a productive and goal-oriented approach.


Learn how to turn today’s knowledge work into tomorrow’s results.


Learn to use your archive as seed capital for future projects.

What our customers say


Edu Zambrano, Architect

The eduARC training gives you clarity and shows you an efficient way to organise your projects and thoughts. The training provides an excellent toolbox that can be adapted to the state and complexity of each person.


Mercedes Garcia, Psychologin

Knowing about personal knowledge management has been a turning point in my life. When you start with this training, you save yourself a lot of time of back and forth, mistakes and tangles. The instruction is great and the live calls allow for warm and super enriching interaction.

Find your focus and flow

Does your workday feel like you’re going through a full schedule and you get home in the evening with a bad feeling because you haven’t found time for meaningful work? Do you want to break this vicious cycle?


Learn to use the right tools for your productive research and gather the information that will enable you to create output.


Organize your data in a way that you can find it when you need it – online and offline.


Learn to take good notes. They are the key to your persistent work.


The goal is to produce results. Learn to use the three steps before in a way that will help you succeed.

Our offer is perfect for you if:

  • you are looking for an efficient digital knowledge management.
  • you want to use your time productively instead of wasting it.
  • you need a method to organise all your online and offline notes and generate new output from them.
  • you want to structure your digital life to have more time and energy for your creativity.
  • you want to spend less time with your computer.
  • you want to get a grip on the daily flood of knowledge and information.
  • your procrastination is an expression of your information overload.

Stop collecting, start expressing!

We’ll show you how to take control of your knowledge so you can spend more time producing output. With us, you embark on a journey to sustainably connect your knowledge, learning, work and notes. You can reuse your knowledge work anytime and almost anywhere without relying solely on your biological brain’s ability to remember.


Hello, we are education architects 👋

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